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Best Italian Film

What is your favourite Italian film? Which one gets you into the mood to visit the bel paese? Or which is good to watch to make up for an overlong absence?

Film in Focus asked six expat American bloggers to choose their top five.

They included both Italian and English language movies. And between them they overlapped on three.

Melina Gallo, the creator of Florence from the Heart, and Melanie Renzzulli, editor of, both choose Il Postino.

Melanie also choose Cinema Paradiso with Francesca Maggi, who pens Burnt by the Tuscan Sun.

Melanie and Jessica Stewart, who is behind RomePhotoBlog opted for L’Ultimo Bacio.

I haven’t seen this last one, but the other two are old favourites

And my pick? Francesca reminded me of how much I enjoyed Icicle Thief many years ago. Maurizio Nichetti, an Italian Woody Allen, directs and acts in it. A genuinely hilarious film, where characters pass through the screen to join TV programs, or escape from the plot to join the audience at home. Jessica Rabbit type action features, as well as an omaggio to neo-realism films.

 Sources:  Icicle Thief: Film in Focus Florence from the Heart: Italophile: Burnt by the Tuscan Sun: RomePhotoBlog: Bleeding Expresso: Venetian Cat: Cinema Paradiso in Library: Il Postino in Library: L’Ultimo Bacio

LADRI DI SAPONETTE – Presentazione dvd from Rumblefish VFX on Vimeo.

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