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Thinking of Applying to the Masters

Not everyone needs a coach, but everybody will benefit from working with one.

And the world needs great coaches.

By becoming a coach and fuelling success, you are contributing in a real way to world becoming a better place for all of us.

You are likely a trail blazer, rather than a path follower.  This is a developing and blossoming profession. So if this is you, then this advanced degree could be for you.

There will be challenges along the way, but it is a rewarding Masters, and you will join an exiting  profession that welcomes people from diverse backgrounds.

You can see this diversity is the number of professional organisations that cater for coaches. Our graduates join their organisation of choice and play valuable roles in contributing to the profession through them.

Coaching is a voluntary rather that a registered profession. Here are some professional bodies in the area, you can get an idea of pathways into the profession. Coaching psychology is only on the road to becoming a recognised profession within psychology

Psychological Society of Ireland: Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology

British Psychological Society: Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology

International Society for Coaching Psychology

Association for Coaching

International Coaching Federation

European Mentoring & Coaching Council

Which one would you like to join?

Could one of these be your career community?  Would you feel one with them? And do you want to travel forward with them?

And there are many ways to be a coach.

Maybe you want to work privately, offering your services to individuals and organisations. Or you might prefer to work as an internal coach in a large organisation. Or you could want to develop into leadership, bringing out the best in your team by leveraging  coach leadership. Or you might be in a human services profession, and you want to incorporate coaching into your professional skill set. An example of this is the developing profession of nurse coaching.  You could be the first to forge this path for your particular profession.

And if you are interested in becoming a coach – resist the temptation to make a quick decision.  Instead adopt the coaching way. Yes, there are important considerations and decisions to be made, but the coaching way would be to pause, recognise that this is a transition. There is anxiety around navigating transitions, and we often want to move from this stage as quickly as possible, by almost jumping across it and making decisions about what’s on the other side.  An example is making a decision on whether the masters is for you by seeing if the timetable works. And of course, next year’s timetable, although it will be similar, could be different

And although the transition has the anxieties of the unknown, there are also opportunities there. We need to stay with this for a while as we gather wisdom from the past, what helped us make successful transitions before and what we have learned about this, and how does this expand our opportunities as we consider a transition.

The challenge becomes how can you fully explore all options, and then with as much information as possible, make the best decision for you, at the best time.

It may be that you decide not to make this particular transition, or you make it with a different pathway. Or indeed this is the right pathway for you – at the moment.  All of these are good outcomes, as it puts you in a better place. And we are happy to share this path with you, no matter how long or short that journey is.

In life we often jump to into decisions too quickly. We do not take the time to explore all the options, and we miss possibilities. The most frequent question I get asked is about the timetable. This an important consideration, but not at this stage of the process. More important is to explore whether coaching is your path.  If you discover it is not, then timetable considerations are no longer relevant. If you were accepted on the course, this is the time to consider the timetable. If it does not work for you, well your task is to explore other courses.

If you look at the timetable first, and make your decision on that basis, what new information have you got? You do not know whether coaching is your path. Better to explore that first.

And if you cannot resist that urge to rush into a decision, then this could give you information that this may not be the path for you. You will after all be asking people to take time to explore, and if you cannot do it yourself…..then heed this message.

But if you can postpone a decision for a while as you explore, think of completing the application form, in the spirit of just finding out more. If the questions resonate with you, continue. If not, this is giving you an answer.

In your daily life see if you can practice being curious for a bit longer as you explore, and delay the rush to decisions for a bit. Then notice how this impacts the decisions you make.

And here’s a peek at the first question.


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