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The latest updates

Application Rounds

23rd Nov 2020: First Round Opens.

Last year we had recruited our full intake by Round 3. Those that applied in Round 4 formed a waiting list, which we did not manage to fully use.

Round 1: Jan 11th

Round 2: March 1st

Round 3: May 4th

Round 4: July 1st

Have a read of this before you start of your application.

Apply Here


You can find the current time table in the course handbook. Next year’s timetable may be different. I will be finalised during the summer. The general shape should remain, ableit there may be minor changes.

We do not know what impact the coronavirus pandemic will have on next year’s timetable. Currently, we are working online.  As the summer progresses, we should have a clearer idea of what approach that will be implemented in the coming academic year. Our hope is that we will be back to  in-person teaching.

You can find the timetable for the next academic year here when it becomes available. Traditionally this is late summer.

Term Start


Latest Updates from PostGraduate Office

You have been accepted on the Masters, but life happens and now it does not seem possible to accept the place.

If you accepted a full-time place, would switching to part-time work?

If part-time does not work, what about taking a module or so as a flexi-option

You’ve been placed on a waiting list, and a place does not come up – apply for the Round 1, which will open November time 2020.

This year applicants in Round 4 were competing for only a few places. There were sufficient places for all those who were found suitable in Rounds 1, 2 and 3.  In Round 1 all twenty-four places will be available again.  If you were placed on a waiting list, then we found you suitable for the course, but there just were not enough places. The probability of you been offered a place in Round 1 would be high.

Remember, coaching is the art of the possible – so make contact and let’s see if we can come up with a solution.

Also, check out the UCC fee payment plans and the Student Budgeting Advisor

And some UCC history

Here are the application dates for the course:

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